Sunday, August 22, 2010

Riding in the Car Car

"Car Car" performed by Jeremy Lyons

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Insurance company denies claim....i will fight it for sure

I just got a bill from my Frienemy yesterday. I knew it was too good that our insurance paid for ALL of the bills from my wifes c-section, almost 5 days in the hospital (including labor and recovery) and all the care the baby received, who was luckily healthy and only had minor, common newborn issues. So i was pleasantly surprised for 9 months. Until yesterday. the bill in hand says that they refused to pay for her 9 month, standard, well baby visit. I called and found out that she was over the number of visits allowed in her first year of life. the limit is 10. i checked the calendar and saw we only had 7 (8 is you include the denied visit). hmmm.....after a (very long) call with a (very friendly) insurance customer service agent she figured that they were counting visits from the pediatrician while we were in the hospital. that didn't seem correct to me. i ask to have it fixed. so i was transfered (hung up on, actually) to a person that can help me. i called back and talk to (a cranky) person that was nice enough to (not really) fix the issue by making a one time exception for this bill. this is great.....until we get to her next appointment and i need to go through it all again. i asked to speak to a supervisor and i was told that "there was nobody that can help me". really? don't believe it. i am waiting to hear back for matt-cranky-guy's boss, kate. Ok kate....i am waiting. still waiting.....must have been a long meeting. more to com