Saturday, June 12, 2010

Almost Crawling

"A" is starting to show a real interest in crawling. You sit her down on the ground and she immediately turns on to her stomach and flails about.

Over the last few days the flailing has become a little more organized. Her arms are under her now and she is pushing the front half of her body off the ground.

Last week when she tried to pull her legs in to get onto her knees her face went down on the ground but now she is starting to get into a four point stance.

She is so close, rocking back and forth, trying to move forward. A few more days and she will have it for sure.

This weekend we are going to do some serious baby proofing. It may be safe now but once she can get around our place is going to be a disaster waiting to happen.

It is going to be so exciting to see her crawling but I am going to miss the days when we can just put her down and know she can't get anywhere.

I also have the feeling she is going to be the type of baby that will never sit still again. She is already constantly moving around. Actually being able to move is going to add a whole new dimension to her energy level that is already off the charts.

Here we go. Videos will be up soon.

1 comment:

  1. Hehehe. Crawling is totally the beginning of the end. Jane is getting ready to start too.