Sunday, May 16, 2010

Becoming a Vegetarian (Again)?

I saw a bird eating a worm yesterday.  It seemed so natural and it got me thinking.
Humans have totally removed themselves from the food chain.  We eat stuff that we are not meant to eat.

Think about this:  If you were out in nature without any man-made tools (i.e. any tools that you bought at the store) and you hadn't pack your lunch to go, what would you do to get your food?
Would you find yourself the nearest cow and figure out how to make it into a burger?  How would you do this?  Use a rock to smash it over the head?  Then what, drag it back to your house and put it in the refrigerator?
No, chances are you would look for wild berries and other edible plants.  If you had to live like this for a while maybe you would fashion some tools to help you hunt.  You would make a trap to trap small animals or a sharpened stick to stab slightly larger animals or maybe fish.  But the food we buy at the grocery store, killed, cleaned and ready to cook or eat, is not what we are meant to be eating.  This is why we buy these items at the store, because it is the only way to get these animals in an edible form.

Does this seem strange to anyone else or just me?

It is why I was a vegetarian for so many years.  I decided to not eat anything I wouldn't feel comfortable killing and preparing myself.  That was everything that had a face for the most part.  But as the years went by I forgot about the reason I stopped eating meat.  I became a social meat eater (think social smoker but with meat) and then just started eating meat more and more often.  Now I eat meat at least a few times a week.  And fish even more often than that.

After seeing that bird eat the worm I am thinking maybe it is best to get in touch with nature again.

Unlike when I was in college when I quit cold turkey (no pun intended) I think this time it will be a very gradual cutting back on the meat eating.  Once 'A' is old enough to eat meat all bets are off, but until then I am going to start cutting back on the meat.

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