Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Red Vines vs Twizzler

Quick survey:
which do you like better, Red Vines or Twizzlers?

Let's see if the east-coast/west-coast divide holds true.

For me, I like them both if you are talking about Red Vines vs Strawberry Twizzlers but the harder to find Chocolate Twizzlers are by far better than both!

Red Vines are a little waxy which I didn't love at first but got used to.  I grew up with Twizzlers and find them to be a little less sweet so you can eat a lot more of them before you feel totally ill, which is a good sign when talking about junk food.

Please add a comment about which you like and why.


  1. Yuck, never heard of red vines but I know I'd hate them since twizzlers are gross to me and "waxy" sounds even worse. Do you still like Spree?

  2. Hmmm... Being Austrian having grown up with nor tried either, I think I need a taste test at the office if you can arrange for that?! :) Ines

  3. Red Vines. Twizzlers have a weird mouth feel. Also, I'm West Coast.

  4. Twizzlers are #1, Red Vine #2 and shoestring #3. All enjoyed with a glass of milk, a ridiculous habit I picked up as a child but I really do love it with Milk! I'm from the East Coast.

  5. I'd vote for tostitos & salsa - or preferably guacamole. If I had to vote for ONE of these / I'd go w/twizzlers. If I really had to.

  6. Twizzlers for sure. And I'm from East Coast. I am, however, with you regarding chocolate Twizzlers. People always think I'm nuts, but those are by far the best.

  7. Heather, Sprees are good but haven't had any in a while. Any kind of candy will do the trick really.

    Ines, I picked up some Red Vines and some Twizzlers and tomorrow we will have a taste test, you know, if you aren't having a baby or something.

    Anon, Milk hmm...sounds strange. Do you use the Twizzler as a straw? I think I used to do that as a kid but I don't remember what the drink was. Soda?

    guac. Totally different story. Love it. Want some right now.

    And Linda,
    Where the heck can you get them though? I mean they are impossible to find. Come on Twizzlers....get with it.