Saturday, May 8, 2010


One of the great things about babies and children is that their imaginations are so great. You can give them a cardboard box or a very simple toy and they can entertain themselves for hours. 'A' plays with her toes more than her toys and I always get a kick out of how she can be surrounded by a pile of toys and she will grab a burp cloth and play with it.

I will try my hardest to encourage the growth of her imagination by limiting the toys that can only work in one way and have a set way of playing with them. Blocks and crayons can be used to create a million different things while a coloring book limits the child to try to color within the lines.  There are skills that are enhanced by coloring within the lines as well but it is important to let the child draw something from scratch.

We bought an exersaucer last week and we wanted one that didn't have a lot of bells and lights. We didn't want a bunch of buttons that flashed and played songs when a button was pushed, what we wanted was something that would help her with her motor skills. We found one online that we liked and she loves it.

I hope I can continue to encourage her imagination to grow.

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