Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Parking Karma

Yesterday I had to drive to work as I have been doing twice a week for the last few weeks.  The other days of the week I take the bus which I prefer because it is better for the enviornment, less stressful, and on days I take the bus I don't need to worry about parking.

Parking near were I work is at a premium. There is a waiting list for spots and it is expensive. Paying for a spot for only two days a week would be a huge waste. So I usually park at the lot down the street which cost $5.50 a day.

A lot of people that I work with park in the tow zone right outside the building even though they do occassionaly tow or ticket cars and despite the fact that they can park in the lot.

Yeserday I arrived a few minutes later than usual and the lot was full. I drove around looking for a legal spot and couldn't find one. I did what I could to park legally and decided I didn't have another option and would park in the tow zone. The only remaining problem was that there were no spots left in the tow zone either. Now what? A few minutes more of driving around and I found a section of the street, a bus stop length away from all the illegally parked cars, that was visitor parking for a nearby apartment building.
The sign said you needed to have a permit or a parking pass and that this was also a tow zone but I had no choice. I pulled up behind the one car that was there, check to see if they had a permit or pass which they didn't and headed in to work.

After a few hours at work I figured I would go check on the car and see if a legal spot openned up somewhere. I arrived at the car to find a tow truck but today was lucky day. He was towing the car in front of me and the car in front of him that must have arrived shortly after me. I was next for sure and a few more minutes and this post would have a different name for sure. 

Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you don't.    

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