Saturday, May 1, 2010

Disney Magical Lost and Found

As I was packing for my business trip last week I decided to try on my suit.  I hadn't worn it since my wedding and even at the wedding it was a little tight.  So I decided to head to the mall on my lunch break the day before I left to purchase a sports coat.  Altering the suit was not an option due to my procrastination and I figured I would get some use out of the coat anyway.

At the mall I found out, from the sales person, that gaining weight in your first year of marriage was a sign of happiness and that I was now totally proportionate. My chest and arms are 7 inches wider than my chest by itself.  A few years ago I would have been considered skinny for sure.

This was good news as I found several options off the rack that fit like a glove.  I purchased one and was on my way.  My wife had the great idea to just wear it on the plane so I didn't have to pack it (getting it wrinkled) and I wouldn't have to worry about forgetting it somewhere.  This seemed like a good idea and I almost never forget my belongings, so it was the plan I went with.

I arrived in Florida and headed to the Disney Magical Express.  The DME is not really all that magical*.  There was a line to get on it and let's face it, it is just a bus.  I figured I would make the best of it since it was going to be the only Disney ride I got to go on and I stuffed my new coat up above in the luggage rack and booted up my lap top to watch "It Might Get Loud".

The ride was long enough with all the stops at the other hotels that I got to watch the whole movie but it also meant I was late for my first meeting.  The DME pulled in to the hotel, I ran to the meeting and realized I had left the coat on the bus.  Running back towards the parking lot I could see the bus pulling out of the hotel property.  It was too late.

I quickly stopped at the front desk to see what they could do and they pointed me in the direction of the courtesy phone where they had me call the transportation company.  The transportation company told me they would put a call out to all the bus drivers and would call me if the coat turned up.  I called back later and no sign of my coat yet.  Next day and still nothing.  On Saturday I was told that lost and found was only open Monday through Friday so it didn't look like my coat was going to turn up before leaving on Sunday evening.  Oh well.

I arrived at the airport on Sunday with some time to spare and decided to give it one last try.  I headed down to the DME desk where we had checked in to the DME a few days earlier and was happy to find no line this time.  I asked the gentleman behind the counter if he had seen my coat and HE HAD!  He heading into the back but came back empty handed.  He explained to me that the coat was there from Thursday, when I arrived, until Friday at closing at which point they packed up all the lost items and sent them to central lost and found.  Apparently I had been calling central lost and found all along and not the DME desk.  If I had called the DME desk right away I would have gotten my coat while I was in FL. 

Monday morning I called from home and they had my coat.  The description was slightly wrong but the woman on the phone decided to check anyway and it was my jacket.  They shipped it out and last night it arrived.

I think this was the first time I have ever lost anything and got it back.  Good job Disney.  When A is a little older I will be back for sure for a nice family vacation. Maybe now I will get to wear my new coat.

*One nice feature of the DME is that they send you a luggage take before you depart.  You stick it on your bag and check your bag.  Disney picks your bag up, puts it on the DME and delivers it to your hotel later in the day.  No need to wait for your bag.


  1. OK so this sounds like a fairytale story - I've left a message for lost and found myself - as I left my glasses in the room and I hope they find them! I hope they call me back. It hasn't been magical. The luggage pick up? Now that was totally magical.

  2. Hm, didn't someone suggest you not put the coat in the overhead compartment... where did that part of the story go? But then, if you hadn't put it up there you wouldn't have had such a magical story to tell. Glad you got it back!