Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost Finale

We were finally able to watch the last episode of Lost and I feel pretty much the same way I do about every other episode; I have a theory about what I think happened but I really might as well been watching a show in a different language. 

My silly joke of a theory was not that far off from what I think happened.

SPOILER ALERT for those that haven't seen it yet.

So, from what I can guess Jack was in that bamboo forest for all six seasons, dying.  He met all the characters that were at his funeral with him at some point in his life. His dad obviously, Desmond running at the stadium. Maybe Juliet really was a dr. at the hospital he worked at. The rest of them maybe he saw at the airport or on the plane before it crashed.

Jack needed to come with terms with the fact that he was dying. His father's body being lost was a way to delay his coming to terms with his own death. The conflicts between the smoke monster and Jacob, the Others and the survivors, and the whole Whitmore situation were all made up in Jack's mind.

This explains all the things that don't make sense in the show: crazy magnetism, time travel, moving the island, seeing dead people, why Kate likes Sawyer, etc. 

I had mixed feelings about the show from the very beginning. As soon as that polar bear ran out in the first episode I thought the show was a little stupid. It got sillier, stranger, cheesier, and more far fetched with each episode but I couldn't miss a minute. I was hooked along with everyone else.

Part of me wants to go back and watch every episode again to catch all things I missed because I "didn't know what I know now" the first time through, which I don't think is very much.

I don't think I will do that. I will move on. Wait for the next season of Mad Men to start. I can't wait to see what happens next. I love the way they ended the last season and I am ready to go. Bring on Don Draper.  Goodbye The Island.          

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