Wednesday, May 12, 2010

music quality VS audio quality

I just read an article on about the audio quality of music we listen to today. They pointed out how we are listening on devices that sacrifice audio quality and how music is recorded and compressed (the softest parts of the song are made louder and the peaks are brought down and then the overall level is brought up) to make the song sound louder.  

Should I be surprised that they didn't mention the fact that most of the music that is purchased and listened to on portable music players in a compressed digital format is crap. No mention of the quality of the music at all. That is the problem that is hurting the industry the most. 

I was an audio engineer and have a trained ear but if you are churning out crappy music I don't care what it sounds like. Maybe they should focus on making good music and not on making sure the song will be louder than the song before it on my iPod playlist. 

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