Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blogging From the Bus

My blogging process is still being formed as I figure out the best way to updated my blog. I don't have a smart phone and I find that the biggest chunk of time that I can find to write my posts is on the bus to and from work. I write the posts on my iPod touch and then post them from my home computer when I have time. I know I can use the wi-fi to send the post to blogspot via email but I haven't figured out to add links, labels, photos, or amazon links via email so for now I won't be updating via email. Blogspot doesn't seem to work in safari on the iPod touch either.

I have been noticing that while I have been writing a new post every day I only find time to post them on the weekends.

Does anyone have suggestions for uploading the posts is some other way?


  1. Hi! I'm enjoying reading your blog... you have a good perspective on being a father and standing up for the environment.

    I write posts on my iPhone on the way to and from work and email them to blogger (so they post automatically). The formatting is often funky, and I like to add labels, put things in italic, add links (if I actually knew how to do that). I figure it's good to publish the posts right after I write them. If a few people read the raw format before I get to a computer and edit it, they can still appreciate the content :)

    Keep up the good work, Alli

  2. I don't do this regularly enough... BUT what I try to do is write when I can write / and schedule the post out. SO even if you were to post on weekends, you could schedule it out so it's a rolling update - updating frequently and regularly vs. all in one pop. That's my plan. I don't succeed on said plan enough.