Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visiting But Not Commenting

I am new to social media and I find it both exciting and strange. Yesterday I posted a simple survey and had the second most number of hits since I launched. I even had a retweet of my tweet announcing the post by one of the companies that makes a product in the survey. This drove some traffic to my site but only 2 of those people left comments.  

So why are people not leaving comments?  Are they only interested in give-a-ways?  Do they think the survey is stupid? It can't be too long, it's only one question. Are they turned off by the captcha? Or are there just more lurkers out there then I thought? 

I am writing these posts because I enjoy the process and like to share but this is social media. If you hate a post or love a post let me know. If most of the people that hit my site hate a post I will be less likely to post a similar post. You are in control. But only if you comment.

I will be posting the results (well, not exactly as that would be boring, but I will post something related to the comments that were left) to the survey post soon but it's not too late to get in there and leave a comment.

I added a "like/dislike" tool to the posts if that is easier.  If you don’t want to leave a comment please at least tell me if you like or dislike the post.


  1. Commenting is GOLD. I hear you preaching, brother. Stay tuned for my thoughts but you aren't going to like it.

  2. Perhaps if you'd used an automated poll tool for people to click on (pick between the two products and pick where you live) people would have responded. That way they can see the impact of their "vote" right away. With commenting, you often feel your voice gets lost, or you have to think of something worthwhile to say to go along with your vote.

  3. Thanks Anon, great idea. next poll will have something like this.